• Our Learning Centers include

    Explore our core skills
    • Dramatic Play

      It allows children to better understand their world by permitting them to incorporate experiences into imaginative activities. Such role-playing offers opportunities for developing social skills, exchanging ideas, giving and taking directions, and working out sequences.

    • Music & Movement

      The children engage with each other through music and movement activities. This center also helps to develop a child’s ability to participate in a group, express emotion, improve balance and coordination, and advance small motor skills.

    • Sand & Water

      In today’s world of brick, concrete, and plastic, it is important for the child to explore natural materials such as, water, sand, clay, and dirt. Experience with these materials is related to discoveries that are essential to the growth of math and science skills.

    • Movment

      Physical activities are important for a child’s health and physical development. They are also important for the development of self-confidence and social skills.

    • Art

      Art materials inspire preschoolers to explore and manipulate paint, clay, crayons, markers, glue, collage materials, and much more.

    • Block Center

      Children use blocks to recreate what they know and then expand these structures into new and complex structures.

  • Our Top Priority

    We offer a quality children care
    • Our School Mission

      Our mission is to educate the whole child by integrating high academics with ethics and socialization. We give all tools they will need beyond their preschool experience, both in their future at school as well as in their personal relationships, understanding the impact that we can have in children’s lives and making every moment into a teachable experience.

    • Our Promise

      Here at Prospect Heights Academy we promise to give our students with a fun and loving environment. As educators we promise to give students who attend PHA the best possible preschool experience along with tools that will help them become life long learners.

    • We Deliver On Projects

      t is our job to complete all goals we set out for our students who attend PHA as well as reach the goals set in place by the parents of our students. As educators we find every way possible to reach these goals set for every individual child. As educators we know that every child is different and they are all unique. We teach to bene