Summer Enrichment Program

  • Program Overview

  • Eight Week Summer Program
    July 1st - August 23rd
    • Fun educational instructions¬†
    • Educational field trips
    • Individual attention in a small-class setting
    • Positive learning environment for your child
    • Yoga instructions¬†
    • Dance Instructions¬†
    • Baking fun¬†
    • Water activities¬†
    • Art's and crafts instructions
    • Meals included¬†
    • Program hours 8:00am - 5pm
    • Age Group:
      2.5 - 5 Years old
    • Class Size:
    • Dates:
      July 5th - August 25th
  • Questions and Answers
    Field Trips

    We take day trips to the Botanical Gardens, Children museum & Library

    How many meals do we provide?

    We provide three nutritious meals (AM Snack, Lunch and supper) at not extra cost.

    Do you provide any water activities?

    Yes. We provide plenty of opportunities for the children to enjoy water activities,  indoors and outdoors, weekly sprinklers activities at the park and more!!( NO SWIMMING) NO pool trips.

    Whats your teacher to student ratio?

    Our rooms are very specious and well equipped with many centers. Our teacher to student ratio is 15:2.

  • Class Activities
    • Art Classes40 Hours
    • Fun Baking Classes 16 Hours
    • Dance Instructions 16 Hours
    • Yoga Classes 16 Hours
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